Alternatives to quickbooks reddit

alternatives to quickbooks reddit

Does anyone know of an alternative to quickbooks that provides actual customer support? 10 comments. share. save. hide. Does anyone know of an alternative to quickbooks that provides actual customer support? 10 comments. share. save. hide. I run a small lawn care business, and have been using Quickbooks Online for a couple years now, but I'm really irritated with them and would like to .

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Alternatives to quickbooks reddit Quickbooks converter mac
alternatives to quickbooks reddit

Top Alternatives to Quickbooks According to Reddit

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Small business owners move away from QuickBooks for a variety of reasons. Price, ease of use, and integrations all play a part. Every so often we like to make sure we’re keeping up with alternatives. We decided to check Reddit to see what people were using in place of Quickbooks. The good news is that all the alternatives that were mentioned were already on our list. But here is what people were saying across a variety of subreddits.

Top Alternatives to Quickbooks

  • Freshbooks: this was the top paid competitor to Quickbooks. They focus on solos and small businesses and have very strong integrations across the e-commerce and CRM worlds.
  • Wave: This was the top free alternative to Quickbooks. They make their money by charging for invoicing or payroll, but the accounting software is all free. It is a great fit for a company just starting out.
  • Zoho Books: it got great reviews for being part of the larger Zoho eco-system, which makes an incredible amount of software for small businesses, many of which have a free plan.
  • GNUCash: an old-school (we mean really old-school) free accounting and bookkeeping tool for coding nerds, but used enjoyably among said nerds.
  • Honorable mentions: Xero: or Sage. Both are excellent options for people who need a lot of integrations into other software.
  • Quickbooks Desktop: Quickbooks as an alternative to…er. Quickbooks? Turns out yes. Many people dislike the online version of Quickbooks but still love the desktop version. If your accountant still uses it and you can’t move away, this might be a viable alternative.

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