M-1 adjustments for prepaid expenses in quickbooks

m-1 adjustments for prepaid expenses in quickbooks

Method 1 – The Expense Tab/Expense Account Method. VPcontroller 177,357 views Handling prepaid expenses in QuickBooks. To correct the issue, adjust the beginning balance if you didn't enter one when creating your accounts. How can I start a business if I'm very poor, uneducated and have no. To achieve this matching of sales and expenses in QuickBooks, the date of the transaction must This adjustment will use a current date. Then, set up a journal entry (JE) to credit prepaid insurance for 1/6 of the amount and debit Do not enter (save) the JE, but memorize, by pressing control + M, in the popup window. In this QuickBooks video you will learn how to record and adjust for prepaid expenses. These types of prepaid expenses are "time based" expenses. That means rent or prepaid insurance. You make one large advanced payment, then the value is decreased month by month. 1.2M views 1 month ago. m-1 adjustments for prepaid expenses in quickbooks

Please: M-1 adjustments for prepaid expenses in quickbooks

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M-1 adjustments for prepaid expenses in quickbooks
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Recording Expenses in a Prepaid Account

You purchase an annual insurance policy in January and you prepay the 1-year insurance premium of $24,000 for insurance effective the same date and record it in Prepaid Insurance. There are two ways to record the Prepaid amount.

The first is to just write a check for $24,000 to the vendor and code it to Prepaid Insurance (this is an "Other Current Asset" account type on the Balance Sheet). If you have already recorded the check as an expense, in QuickBooks or Peachtree, you can simply find the check and change the account from Insurance Expense, for example to the prepaid insurance account. If you prefer to record the purchase as a journal entry, you can follow this example:

a. Using a journal entry, debit Prepaid Insurance and credit Cash.

Prepaid Insurance




This records the prepayment of 1-year premium

b. Then you will record the following adjusting journal entry on the (first or last day of each) month there after:

Insurance Expense


Prepaid Insurance


To record insurance January (for example. expense ($24,000 x 1/12)

* $24,000/12 months = $2,000 per month of insurance used

This adjusting entry debits Insurance Expense, increasing the balance by $2,000 to recognize the amount of insurance used up in each month-and credits Prepaid Insurance to reduce the account by the same amount.

This is a good example of how to record prepaid policies such as insurance or workman's comp at the time of payment and then, on a monthly basis, record the appropriate portion of the expense to the monthly financial picture.

I hope you find this helpful. Look for more QuickBooks Gal podcasts on similar topics soon. If you have questions or would like to suggest topics for future podcasts, drop me a line at jayne@quickbooksgal.com.

That's if for now. I'm Jayne Miller, The QuickBooks Gal. Thanks for listening.

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