Quickbooks apple ipad

quickbooks apple ipad

It's important to note from the start that QuickBooks Online for iPad is not a standalone app that you can use to manage your business' books. It has been possible to use QuickBooks on iPads before with the app created for the iPhone, but the interface for this new version optimizes the. This app will help streamline your sales and accounting processes and it can be used in any type of business. Import your own data into the Quickbooks estimates​. quickbooks apple ipad

Is there a version of Quickbooks that can be installed on an iPad (iOS 10.2.1) or do I have to use the online version which requires a monthly fee?

There is no desktop version of quickbooks that will install on an ipad of any generation, only mac and pc.

However, if you have a PC or a Mac  you can install appropriate version on it and access it from your ipad using one of various remote desktop applications. I use one called Splashtop Streamer which even works on a first generation ipad and is free to use if you are on your LAN.  I believe there is a small fee to access your desktop entirely remotely. There are other prograns of this type and all you have to do is have you host computer up and running. Which complete remote over internet you would have benefit of mobile access to your company file without paying the monthly fee for QBO and yo uwould also benefit fdrom the more robust reporting aspects of QB Desktop
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