Avast antivirus blocking quickbooks

avast antivirus blocking quickbooks

If you have Firewall enabled in your free version of AVG AntiVirus, please add the application in Firewall exceptions. To do so: Do you know what is in the AVG free that is blocking the QuickBooks? -980888528 (Avast). "I am having trouble with QuickBooks, when a user tries to sign on it tells them they do not have access. Where do I go to change that setting?" This issue is. Method 4: Update Avast Antivirus definition and program Some antivirus programs accidentally block your QuickBooks desktop from loading.

Point: Avast antivirus blocking quickbooks

Avast antivirus blocking quickbooks
Avast antivirus blocking quickbooks
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Avast antivirus blocking quickbooks
Avast antivirus blocking quickbooks
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Antivirus Block Quickbooks Email

If you see the ‘QuickBooks is unable to send the email since your antivirus has blocked outgoing emails’ message, proceed with either of the solutions mentioned on this web page to resolve the antivirus blocking Quickbooks email problem.

Solution 1 - Changing your system permissions manually

  • Launch the main interface of the QuickBooks Desktop application on your computer.
  • Press the F2 key followed by the F3 key.
  • This will open the tech Help window on the screen.
  • Navigate to the Open File tab, search for the QBW.ini file from the displayed list, and click the Open File option.
  • The file will be opened in a Notepad.
  • Add the ‘[QBWEBMAIL]CUSTOM_CERT_ENABLE=1’ line without the quotes at the bottom of the text.
  • Click the File tab followed by the Save option.
  • Exit the Notepad application.
  • Check if the issue has been resolved.

Solution 2 - Changing your antivirus settings

  • Check if the QuickBooks Desktop program has the right permissions.
  • Set up permission in the antivirus application installed on the computer.


  • Launch the McAfee program on the computer.
  • Click the Navigation option followed by the Quarantined and Trusted Items option.
  • Select either the Quarantined Items or Quarantined Potentially Unwanted Programs option.
  • Select the QuickBooks Desktop program from the list and click Restore or Delete.


  • Open the main window of the Norton program, double-click Security, and select the History option.
  • When the Security History window opens, choose the Quarantine option from the Show drop-down menu.
  • Click the Add to Quarantine option and add the QuickBooks Desktop program.
  • Some antivirus programs have the Email Filtering feature. In this scenario, you have to disable this feature.
  • If the antivirus blocks QuickBooks from sending emails, get technical assistance from our support member in resolving this problem.
  • To contact them, click the Call button provided below to solve this antivirus blocking Quickbooks email issue.


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avast antivirus blocking quickbooks

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